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The recommended dosage for beginners are Micro and Light. The Micro contains 5mg per square and the Light contains 10mg per square.

For more frequent cannabis users, common dosage is Orignal which is 40mgs per square.

For serious cannabis users or people who consume edibles daily, the recommended dosage is Extras which is 80mgs per square or Supreme which is 160mgs per square.

All our packages are sealed, completely odorless and virtually undetectable through scent.

We ship via Canada Post. It typically takes about 1-3 business days from when you order, and you can always track it by visiting your Treat Leaf profile, or using the Shipping Confirmation email that is sent as soon as your order is shipped.

The risk of ingesting too many edibles is the same as smoking too much cannabis. You will most likely go into a weed coma and knockout for a couple of hours if you don’t freak out first. But no worries, just do it somewhere safe and with people you trust and you should be good. Although there are no health dangers of taking too much, taking the right amount will ensure a good time, so try not to overdo it.

Also, we recommend taking some Vitamin C to counteract the THC.

Canada only.

If kept at room temperature or a cool place they will last well over a year.

All our products are made and prepared in our commercial kitchen based out of Toronto, Canada.

The best place to store your Candybags is at room temperature, but if you like your gummies cold than in the fridge. If you have kids somewhere they don’t have access to.


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